9BLOC’s nationwide network is comprised of hundreds of certified pallet manufacturers and recyclers nationwide joined by their commitment to their customers and their participation in industry associations. Through this expansive network of industry experts, 9BLOC provides an efficient logistics infrastructure to serve the nation’s largest food and beverage manufacturers, distributors and retailers as well as pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers. Each of our participant companies maintains their independence, while backed by the strength and oversight of our nationwide infrastructure.

Our certified participants manufacture, ship, scan, retrieve, repair and reissue pallets at competitive prices, while maintaining the 9BLOC standard for both their products and services. This ensures consistent delivery of exceptional pallet quality, performance and durability on a network-wide basis. 9BLOC’s participant network encompasses more than 450 locations across the U.S. and Canada, an asset base of more than $1 billion in equipment, trucks, trailers, and real estate, more than 8,500 participant employees, and manufacturing capacity of more than 16 million pallets per year.