FAQs About 9BLOC

Is 9BLOC an industry organization?

9BLOC is a nonprofit, standalone collaboration that was launched by members of the pallet industry in the United States through the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA). In 2010, a comprehensive specification was developed for a high-quality block pallet and presented and accepted by the NWPCA. But concerns arose relating to maintaining product consistency and quality, and it was determined that the responsibility for overseeing this new specification would go to a standalone organization not affiliated with NWPCA. Since then, 9BLOC has reached out to the wood pallet industry, collaborated with end users and retailers, developed a logistics system for pallet tracking and created the 9BLOC quality control process. And while we are not officially associated with other industry organizations, we do work directly with them.

Why should I be concerned about an industry standard?

An industry standard for whitewood pallets provides a vast number of benefits throughout the industry:

•    To increase quality, a common point of comparison is required against which all pallets can be measured. A standard
     industry specification would allow direct comparison in quality, materials, performance and many other areas.
•   Having a common standard to serve as a benchmark makes it easier to integrate universal changes in materials handling systems.
•   When one standard is used, it lessens conflict between users and suppliers.
•   A higher rate of efficiency is experienced across the entire supply chain when only one type of whitewood pallet is used.
•   Given a level playing field, pallet manufacturers can focus more on quality.

How does the 9BLOC collaboration work?

9BLOC’s prime mission is a nation-wide network of pallet producers and recyclers, as well as grocery, pharmaceutical and other pallet users, working together to ensure the delivery of pallets with exceptional quality, performance and durability on an industry-wide basis. This includes a standardized specification, the 9BLOC quality control inspection process, and a robust logistics system with real-time reporting. This strength-in-numbers collaborative will help participant companies remain independent, but rely on the 9BLOC brand to develop new market opportunities, meet a market demand more easily and obtain sharper competitive edge.

For more information on 9BLOC, please contact us.