Why 9BLOC?

9BLOC sets the standard for whitewood block pallets. The design meets the emerging requirements of large pallet users such as Costco. The 9BLOC specification was created using the NWPCA Pallet Design System© (PDS). Detailed 9BLOC specifications are available in the member section.

Pallet Logistics members will have the exclusive right to use the trademarked 9BLOC logo and participate in the logistics tracking system and participate in the Quality control inspection process.

The 9BLOC logo also symbolizes a new level of cooperation between independent whitewood pallet manufacturers & recyclers. After analyzing private pallet pools, Pallet Solutions took the best aspects from iGPS, CHEP, PECO, CPC and EPAL.  From that a model was created for a national industry-wide pallet pool system not run by a single company but rather a network of independent companies working together.

How Will this Collaboration Work?
The Mission of Pallet Logistics is a collaboration of pallet producers and recyclers, as well as grocery, pharmaceutical and other pallet users working to ensure delivery of exceptional pallet quality, performance and durability on an industry-wide basis.

A live tracking database using RFID and barcode technologies will follow every 9BLOC pallet. Field-testing of this aspect of the process began in June of 2011 and is ongoing.  Manufacturers and customers will then exchange pallets via and pick up system that will also be coordinated by database. A rough analogy would be a relay race where the pallets are passed from one manufacturer to another. The goal is that 100% of the pallets will maintained to the 9BLOC’s Quality Control Standard.