Food and beverage and consumer goods manufacturers and distributors today continue to operate in a highly competitive business climate. They must utilize lean and agile methodologies to optimize operations and maximize product availability to meet on-demand consumer requirements. Christmas comes right after Halloween for today’s retailers who try to capitalize on their year over year comparable store sales potential. They are constantly focused on product innovation and process efficiencies that will have a positive impact on their business models and doing so within the confines of supply chain compliance standards.

A reliable, high-performance pallet pool network is essential to support the stringent operational requirements of the manufacturing and distribution supply chain. 9BLOC’s network of independent local and regional pallet manufacturers, distributors and recyclers come together to provide rental and service of pallets. Working with 9BLOC, product manufacturers and distributors reap the many of advantages of its network:

  • National network of providers – all using an industry approved standard
  • Superior localized service
  • High-quality pallet pool maintained through 3rd party inspections; repairs performed after every trip
  • National scale while maintaining competitive service focus
  • Web-based EDI interface for easy tracking and billing
  • Pallets on-demand and delivered wherever you need them