Founded in 2011, 9BLOC is an organization comprised of independent pallet manufacturers, recyclers and distributors. The organization provides a nationwide pallet pool with its core offering being the new 9BLOC block pallet which is manufactured, repaired and distributed throughout a broad network under the exacting standards of the 9BLOC franchise.

The new 9BLOC network provides a seamless standard of quality and service that will surpass what customers have come to expect from existing national pallet rental companies. Over the past ten years, the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA) has analyzed private pallet pools, national pallet systems, and industry trends to compile a series of best practices used to create the 9BLOC system of independent supply chain participants. Our goal is to maintain the independence and entrepreneurial spirit of the nation’s local and regional pallet producers and recyclers while providing a national network for standardization, maintenance and inspection -- all to create a more efficient supply chain.