When you see the 9BLOC logo on our pallets, you’ll know they’re built to the highest quality standards. The 9BLOC logo represents the highest quality block pallets in the country. Certified participants build 9BLOC pallets according to rigorous specifications, with quality control guaranteed via third-party inspection. We take these standards seriously, to ensure that each certified company earns the right to brand our pallets with the 9BLOC logo.

The 9BLOC pallet standard was created to provide a consistently high-quality, independently- inspected, nine-block pallet.


  • Manufactured using North American, kiln-dried softwood.
  • Certified heat-treated, to meet both domestic and international shipping requirements.
  • Certified to the highest safety standards for the food, beverage and consumer goods manufacturers.
  • Individually marked and coded for tracking to reduce lost pallets.
  • Environmentally responsible, designed to be repaired and reused.
  • Checked against the standard by 9BLOC-certified third-party inspectors.